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Finding Success in the Missing Pieces

We meet with new clients on a regular basis - some are new businesses looking to get a good head start on their competition & others are experienced businesses looking to fine tune their marketing.

We discuss a variety of techniques with them in order to help them organize how to best accomplish their goals. One of the things we consider is their audience or as we refer to it - their target market, in other words do they need to utilize B2B marketing techniques or B2C marketing techniques.

Let me explain....

B2B (business-to-business) Marketing: businesses selling to other businesses


B2C (business-to-consumer) Marketing: businesses selling to an individual


Make sense? No.. okay, let me help.

When operating a business, small or large, it is important for you to identify who you are operating for.

Fill out prompts like.... (provide as many details as you can)

• My ideal "customer" is _______________ (Business or Individual)

• My ideal "customer" values ___________ (convenience, education, quality, etc.)

• My ideal "customer" comes to my business to solve __________ (what does your product or service provide? What is the value?)

• My ideal "customer" sees my product or service as a ____________ (want/need)

There are many many more..... (but I have to keep a few secrets for how my clients get results)

These prompts will ultimately help you identify who your target market is on both a broad scope and a scope that is more in depth. Even more importantly they will be the key to being able to accomplish your goals.

If you are working with a marketing company to help identify your target market and they are answering these questions for you... that is a RED FLAG. You are the expert in your business, so make sure that who you are working with understands your operations and goals, because if they don't it is a recipe for disaster. They should be working beside you and your goals to help mentor you to better understand your target market.

With understanding.

Your marketing companion, Ghost

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