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Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

2,000 mile roadtrip.

That's right. Matt and I took a roadtrip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for our honeymoon. Though it may not be the average honeymoon destination for couples in the Midwest, it sure was a lot of fun! Surprisingly enough, we also discovered it was a popular honeymoon destination for couples from Texas!

First, as I explain to you what we did, I need you to keep one thing in mind.... can you do that?

Yes? - keep reading

No? - also keep reading and then read the intro again

It was HOT. Like I'm talking 100 degrees or higher, never cooled down and was beyond dry. Because of the heat and our want for air conditioning, we adjusted our plans to be a bit more comfortable.

I highly recommend staying in a luxury cabin when visiting Broken Bow.

Luckily, our cabin was absolutely stunning! Everything throughout the house was well thought out and organized. They had a grill for Matt to be in his element and a hot tub that we spent time in every night! We even got to see deer from our deck! The marketer in us was also so excited when we saw a guest book! What a cool way to track where your customers are coming from! It was also helpful as a guest, because others had already done the research on where to go and what to avoid! Where we stayed was located close to a small square of businesses, which was a happy accident. It was so convenient to be located shortly off the main highway and next to some of the popular destination spots. This made adventuring so easy! Because of the heat we spent majority of our time hanging out at the cabin - this seemed to be a common "thing to do" when visiting town.

As far as other things to do, there were a variety (majority of things were catered towards families).

Upon arrival, the area reminded me a lot of Northern Minnesota, but adventuring through Beaver's Bend State Park is where perspective changed for me! It was stunning! The drive through the park is slightly terrifying and had Matt on the edge of his seat, because the roads were narrow and very difficult to see what was coming. But the anxiety of driving was more than worth the views!! It is a must to visit the dam section of the park when you are in the area - SO COOL! It also seemed the most popular, so if people aren't your thing just take a drive through and adventure on one of the other islands, like Steven's Gap Area.

Some other MUSTS in the area:

Vojai's Winery - Very sweet people and will take time for your Minnesota small talk. There wine was also by far the best we had. We loved the Morning Run (it was a sweet wine that featured strawberries). It was so light and refreshing in the heat! Matt enjoyed their Peach Wine Slushy!

And let me tell you, you get your money's worth for a glass of wine!! They fill your glass to the brim!

Beavers Bend Brewery - We went in here to just check out the little gift shop, but ended up getting a beer and staying awhile, because of Branson. He was so personable and you could tell that he loved what he did! He was convinced that he could get me to like one of their beers that they brew on site... he was right. I decided I may have to try more beer! Their seasonal Strawberry Blonde was delicious and so was the Fleucy Creek Pale Ale with a lime! Their atmosphere was also one of the best! They had an outdoor patio that was equipped with fans, good music, and good selection of board games!

Grateful Head Pizza Oven and Beer Garden - Oh my gosh, their pizza is amazing! We did go at 11am and there was a line already. We waited 30 minutes to be seated, but it was well worth the wait (there was also gift shops nearby to help waste wait time)! Our server Jordan was awesome! He made some great recommendations and was spot on with all of his descriptions of each of the pizzas! We ultimate went with a small (plenty for two people!) Casey Jones which had BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon, pineapple, and red onions! My mouth is watering again thinking about it!! YUM!

Choctaw Casino Broken Bow - I had never actually tried to play anything at a casino, but Matt was convinced that we had to try it once... so we did!! It was actually a lot of fun and a great afternoon time waster! We ended up coming out $0.12 ahead (Matt lost his money, but luckily he has a pretty lucky wife that could win it back)! It did seem like others were winning as well.

Rock Bottom Boyz BBQ - Very good BBQ. We loved the loaded mac & cheese and brisket grilled cheese (this was their Wednesday special)! The smoked potato salad was also a huge win!! I don't think you can go wrong here! Plus they also had a coffee shop, Adam & Eve's Coffee Shop, as a neighbor within the same building! Their iced caramel latte was so good and weirdly a good pairing with the BBQ.

Pruett's Food - Highly recommend swinging in here to grab your grocery needs! Employees were helpful and groceries were extremely reasonably priced! They also had great sushi! We did the Spicy Oklahoma Combo!!

I'm sure there are destination hot spots we missed, but these were just a few that we tried and ultimately made our MUST list and made the 2,000 miles worth it and oh so much fun!

As we close the door on Broken Bow, Oklahoma...

We are excited for our next adventure in....

Any guesses where we are off to next?


Maddie :)

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