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But Why You?

We get the question often, but I feel like others ponder this as well. Why hire a third party to handle your social media? More particularly why hire Ghost Dog Media, LLC. Let me explain the best way I know how... a list!

  1. COST. As an owner of a business one of the first things you likely analyze is the effectiveness of cost. Hiring a third party, like ourselves, to do your social media management is cost effective. You are NOT providing us with benefits, an office or equipment/subscriptions to run your account. Instead you are paying us a flat monthly fee.

  2. EXPERIENCE. We are skilled and experienced to do this. We dedicate time to making sure that we understand your audience and goals. By doing this, we place content in your target audiences feed to accomplish your goals in the most effective manner. If you hire someone in house to work on your social media they likely will have other duties to help run your business, so they will not have the appropriate time to dedicate to accomplishing your social goals. They also will only being running your business social accounts, so they will not have the quick on your feet thinking when you have to completely reevaluate your target audience (seeing multiple social media accounts a day, we understand what each target market is looking for, making it easy for us to reanalyze a page quickly). We have seen what works and what doesn't.

  3. FRESH (EXPERIENCED) BLOOD. We are a new and fresh eye in your business. We may see your target market different than you do. This is a good thing. By hiring a third party to help with social media management you will be able to better cater to your "buyer" and their journey, because you will have someone that sits in a similar position as your possible "buyer."

  4. TIME. You hire us to help you and your business succeed your marketing goals. On the front end, this means creating content, getting it to you for review, and getting it published on your social media platforms. On the back end, this means creating a strategy to reach your target audience, staying up to date on the trending hashtags, audio, and reels (among a list of other items). All of these things, add up to a significant amount of time for you when you could be doing the things that you truly enjoy (likely the reason you started your company). We are there to help you become as hands off or hands on as you want (we are not the office person bugging you for your opinion on every detail - we have internal folks for us to bug instead ;) ). You could be as hands off as just a single approval of the created content once a month!! That's a lot of time and stress saved.

  5. PASSION. We love what we do and we aren't going anywhere. We are consistent, we are active, we are available. When hiring an in house employee they work your office hours, have the ability to leave for something "bigger and better," or even just change their passion at the blink of an eye and just not be interested in their work anymore. AND THAT'S OKAY!! But it does make hiring a third party social media manager more realistic. We work when you work - we try to be available when you need us! If that means you won an award on a Saturday, we will be prepared for content to go up on Saturday to celebrate. We have a business too - we are not going to walk away. We have done this for a while - we are sure that this is what we want to do and we have no plans to walk a different path anytime soon (frankly, we really can't even if we wanted. We create a contract that is fair to both parties).

Now, those are only 5 reasons of the millions that there really are. If you are considering hiring Ghost Dog Media, LLC to run your social media or even just have questions about the process. Please reach out! We won't bite. AND we will provide all of the information that you need to make an educated decision about hiring a social media manager! So let's chat and see if we are good fit for you! :)

With monetary value, experience, fresh eyes, effectiveness & passion,


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