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Goals. Goals. ANDDDD More Goals.

Can you guess what we are going to talk about today by the title? No, really? I can give you a hint..... oh, you know?! Did you say goals? Yep!! You got it!!

Goals are important both in your professional life and in your personal life. They give you a standard that you have, reasonably (I hope), set for yourself to accomplish. They are what gives us want to accomplish some of the most challenging things.

I will admit, setting goals was often put in front of me as a challenge within itself. Throughout college we were told often as students to set goals for what you want to accomplish in the academic year, before the completion of your degree and even what you wanted to achieve in a lifetime. It seemed daunting and honestly cliché.

*Matt and I did graduate from Bethany Lutheran College. Accomplishing the ultimate college students goal - GRADUATE (I will leave pictures for proof, for those of you that don't believe me).

However, as I entered the work force and strived for things that I wanted in life and lived based on a handwritten planner (still do this, by the way). I realized that not only were goals

kinda of fun to set and accomplish, but they gave me purpose. I also noticed that I was setting them for myself without labeling them as "goals." That planner that I lived by was so in detail and outlined what I would do with my day that it drove Matt nuts (I'm more chill now..... I think)! I mean seriously organization was my thing!! Without going too far off on a tangent here.... I was setting goals daily, because whatever was on my list was my mission for the day - the same way you set a goal and strive to accomplish it.

The moral to my story is goals are needed in every aspect of your life, whether you are setting them knowingly or not. As I have continued to grow as a business owner, I realize that they are crucial for the success of my business. They ultimately decide what I should focus on!

Similar to when we work with clients, we will ask you what your goal is, both for marketing purposes and to get to know you better. We do what we do, because we are passionate about our clients and their families. We are working beside you to grow your dream. So if it is your goal - it is our goal and together we will work to achieve it (no matter how many tears or gallons of sweat we have to put into it).

So... Set your goals. Achieve them. Accomplish your biggest mountain of challenges!!

Because you can do it and we believe in you!!

Your friendly marketing companion,

Ghost Dog

(Okay, a dog didn't write this... but I did - Maddie)

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