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The Best Wedding Experience - The Wedding Planning Process

Let’s talk wedding process, wedding day and after details. So what is the wedding planning process like when you book Maddie's Moments Photography for Photography and Videography on your wedding day?

Bride and Groom in  Restaurant Booth

Give me just a moment of your time to imagine hiring an amazing, stress free, fun married duo to capture your special day with photography and videography! US, duh!

First, you will inquire with us and chat with me! You can text, call, email or inquire using our website! When you reach out (to avoid the game 100 questions, save yourself some time and include a few details!) We love to hear about what your name and your fiancés is, along with your wedding date, location, email, phone number and anything else you feel is important to capture your perfect day! Some of our brides/grooms find that it is easiest to inquire with our website as it outlines all of these items in our contact form and makes it easy!!

Once, we receive your information we will jump on and say hello (did I mention we like to be quick with responses - don’t be surprised if you hear from us within a few minutes)! We will double check that we have your date available in your calendar and share our packages with you! We will be there to help you find the best package that fits your needs and wants! And of course, answer any questions that you may have! We are always up for a virtual meeting or phone call to chat about packages and us! We love to share more about us with you and we love hearing about your love story as well! It really is a great way to see if we could be your perfect fit for photo and video!

Bridal Party on Bed Celebrating

After, we have a stunning conversation about how perfect your day will be and you give us the “LET’S DO THIS THANG!” We will get to work on our side! I will send over an industry standard contract and an online investment portal where you can invest your down deposit in your special day with your bank account or a check! We make it as easy as possible, as we know this is the “not so fun part” of planning a wedding! (At least, it was for us! There were so many contracts and things to remember - I knew I didn’t want ours to feel like that). We try to be super flexible with this portion of the process as we know this can be stressful and a lot to take in at once!

Now, you have your down deposit paid and your contract signed and returned. First, give yourself a hug! You need it! That was the hardest part! It’s official you are on our calendar and we will start prepping to make your day perfect while you continue to plan your day with other vendors! Then around a month before your big day you will hear from us again! We will check in and make sure planning is going well, if you have any questions or need any help organizing your itinerary! (You can always contact us before this too!!) We will send you the final invoice for your big day and ask for that itinerary too during this conversation! Then its smooth sailing and WEDDING DAY TIME!!

It’s the big day! The one you have been planning and organizing every detail to be perfect and just for the two of you! We have been with you since towards the beginning of your planning and this day is no different!

Bride's Ring Close up

We will be there to not only capture your photos and video moments but also to make sure your dress looks great during every captured moment (yes, we are the dress flutters).

We will be there in the morning with you jamming out to the get ready music right beside you!

We will be there when it comes time to do first looks with your loved ones!

We will be there when you see your fiancé for the first time and get a little teary eyed.

We will be there for the fun of hanging out with bridal parties and snuggling into your honey!

We will be there for the moment that everyone stands and sees the gorgeous white dress.

We will be there for the moment that you have your first kiss as a married couple!

We will be there for the smiles, dancing and giggling throughout the rest of the night.

We will be there for it all, because that is what

we do and what we love.

After the big day, you will be anxiously awaiting the wedding moments from us! We do our best to get these to you as soon as possible! Usually, we have photos to you within the week (a sneak peak the next day) and the videos to you within a month! (Sometimes our schedules can get crazy and video can take a bit longer - but we will always do our best to get it to you quickly). We make it so easy to relive your day, by sending it to you in an online gallery to your email or by text! It’s just a link to AWESOMENESS! Your video and photos will all be in one place for easy viewing and sharing with your family and friends! We always recommend downloading these as soon as you can, so that you make sure you have a copy on hand! (A hard drive is an awesome place to store your video and photo content - you can always ask us for recommendations on this!) We try to keep weddings available on the link as long as we can, but as we continue to grow and make memories for other couples, sometimes our toy bucket of files gets too full, so we have to take them down to share galleries with others.

Now, that is the simple, stress free process with booking us as your wedding videographers and photographers… but what about…? We get questions sometimes and usually they are kind of the same, so here is the one we get the most:

Bride and Groom Portrait

How do you make sure you don’t loose my footage/photos?

We take several precautions to ensure safety of our files!

Here is our process:

  1. We download the SD Card to an SSD on wedding day (at least three times - after get ready, after ceremony and at the end of the night)

  2. We do not delete the content off the SD cards until the wedding has been delivered to you

  3. As soon as we get home the evening of your wedding, we place your videos/photos on our server (which has a backup safety - this means simply it’s on here twice and two servers would need to fail to loose anything here)

  4. After everything is on the server, we transfer it to an additional hard drive that we take to another physical location and store in a fire safe.

SOOOO moral to the story, a lot of bad things would need to happen… including two houses burning down and my fire safe being destroyed… (knock on wood for me)

We would be honored to be a part of your special day and help you join our group of very happy bride and grooms that have utilized our process that is quality, effective, stress-free and fun!!

With love and wedding planning vibes,

Maddie :)

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