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What We Know - Wedding Series Episode One

Updated: Apr 12

Planning a wedding always seems overwhelming at the first glance of the list of things you have to do and remember! Let me be the first to tell you, it will be okay. Take a deep breath, ask for help and take it step-by-step. In hopes, to help from a distance - let me share with you some things my husband and I have learned (in other terms tips and tricks) from attending so many brides and grooms weddings as photographers and videographers (and as a 2022 Bride and Groom ourselves!)

*These are in no particular order of importance, because they are all just as valuable as the next.

*Also, keep in mind this is one bride's/vendor opinions - others may think differently!! And that's okay!! :)

  1. Bring a hand towel for your bouquets!

Now if you are using artificial flowers, you can go to #2. But if you are using real flowers, bring a hand towel. Why? You will be working with the bouquets most of your day from the bridal party fun, to your portraits, through your ceremony, all the way to your grand entrance of your reception. While all of these things are happening you likely will be taking them in and out of water vases. To avoid getting stains on your dress and avoid the awkward moment of who will "take one for the team" and wipe it on their dress, BRING THE TOWEL.

2. Skip the Social Hour Food / Late Night Snack

This is totally a personal opinion and observation as a photographer/videographer, but if you are in a crunch and need to work on cutting the budget - SKIP the social hour food and late night snack. Truth is, it in most cases (not all) is hardly touched, especially the social hour food! Which is so sad, after you dedicated a portion of your wedding savings to them! On the other hand, if you have a large guest number and many are late night owls and will stay on the dance floor, maybe opt for something simple like pizza or ham sandwiches.

3. Bring your details prepared in a box

This one will win your gold stars with your photographer!! If you are looking for the gorgeous flat lay shots of your jewelry, shoes, rings, perfume, watches and anything else that is important to your special day put them together in a box (bride bring them with you in the morning)! That way your photographer can spend more time taking the photos and photos of you and your special someone getting ready rather than running around trying to figure out where all of your items are!

4. Skip the Ceremony itinerary cards

Now this one, will probably be controversial, but hear me out.... don't get rid of the idea completely! Instead put all of the information on a board/pallet/window display at the front or entrance of the ceremony! That way guests have the opportunity to see the layout of the ceremony and can reference it throughout! This is great if you are not having ushers or want to save a few extra pennies!

5. Skip Save the Dates

This one is simple. Skip the save the dates and send out invites a little earlier. This is another way to save a little bit in your budget and will likely go basically un-noticed!

6. Make a wedding email

Trust me. You will want a wedding email dedicated to sharing with your vendors and wedding websites. This way you can easily reference all of the wedding pricing proposals and inquiries that you need to! Also, this is an awesome thing for vendors! They know who you and your significant other are and can easily find you in their notes!

7. Save on decorations

A little goes a long way! Your guests are not going to remember how your wedding is decorated in 6 months! They are going to remember the memories and moments they made while there! Highlight the beauty of your venue and stick with a simple decoration plan.

8. Avoid assigned seating and reserve seating for family

Let your guests choose who they want to sit with, this will encourage an easier transition for social hour to dinner. Guests can continue socializing and won't need to set aside time to figure out where they are sitting (and then be disappointed if that friend or family isn't close by to continue their conversation). Now, I do recommend reserving seating for your immediate family! That way they have a guaranteed best spot to help you and give their speeches.

9. Have your DJ announce dessert

This seems simple, but we have seen so many desserts go to waste just because no one knew there was any!! So put it on the itinerary and have your DJ help direct guests to the sweets!

10. Skip gifts for parents, bridesmaids, groomsman and special people

Truth is, they are so happy to be there with you and celebrate you and your special someone! No one is looking for a gift from you! Instead opt for a handwritten note expressing how thankful you are for their help during the planning process and the day-of. If you are feeling like you need something to go with it add some snacks or baked cookies! Keep it simple.

Now, I could go on and on about do's and don'ts, skips and saves, save here and dedicate more there, but it really comes down to what you want your day to look like. Remember the

most important thing that day is to breath and remember that you are getting married to your special someone because you are ready to spend forever with them! If the cake looks off, a bridesmaid doesn't show, dad's shirt doesn't fit - let it slide. Enjoy the moment. I promise, it will seem small tomorrow! Take the time to slow down and breath on wedding day! Spend a moment just you and your significant other to take in all of those moments that are before you!

We love weddings and all of the moments that are inside of them - from planning, rehearsal dinner to the special day! We are here for you, just like your family and friends! Lean on us when you need help or recommendations - we may surprise you at what we know!

And when the big day is here - we will be right beside you the whole time cheering you on like we have known you for a lifetime capturing all of the photo and video moments along the way! So let's do this thing, get you married and get our party on together!!

With love and good planning vibes,

Maddie :)

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