Ghost Dog Media, LLC is dedicated and driven to ensure that your organizations mission and goal is held to the highest standards. We value your business and helping you find success is something that we value. We are not your average 3rd party Digital Marketing service. We treat all clients like we would family and friends and believe strongly that each business is unique and should be treated as such. Our enthusiasm, experience and extensive knowledge in the industry make us unstoppable. Ghost Dog Media, LLC is your friendly companion waiting to welcome you home to your Digital Marketing paradise.  

Your brand is important and so is your strategy. From direct marketing strategies such as flyers and email campaigns to indirect marketing strategies like geofencing and demographic targeting - Ghost Dog Media, LLC. will be here for you. We will help create the muddy waters of marketing strategy to a clear water view that you can enjoy and understand. Not only will we have the knowledge to create something successful we will have the skills to execute and create unique marketing materials. 

The longevity of a customer relationship is important and so is loyalty. Let us help you create brand loyalty by utilizing your social media. We will help you understand the top trending items that your consumers are watching for and our organic hashtag theory that will boost your posts without paying for them. All while providing unique, engaging content for your audience that will succeed your social media goal. While letting you be as hands on or hands off as you choose!

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Analysis of Market


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Brand Creation begins with establishing your emotional connection to your desired audience. Creating an understanding of who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it in order to initiate the beginning of your brand's personality. A brand wouldn't be complete without a visual representation, a logo, of your hard work and dedication to your dream becoming reality. Don't let your imagination stop there work with us to continue to build your brand utilizing a marketing strategy and the power of social media and organic boosting hashtags. 


Let's talk about your website! This is the first place that majority of your clients go to find out more about you and your business. Whether that be a returning client looking for a new service or product to try or a new client looking for more information and how to contact you. It is important to create a website that is easy to understand and navigate. It is also important to devote time into your website strategy and target market to determine how best to use SEO techniques to help boost your websites performance. 

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Website Design
and Maintenance

Our knowledge is well-rounded and we are pleased that we can offer all of the Digital Marketing Services that our clients need, including photo and video services. Need photos for our social media management program? We got you! Need a video to promote an upcoming event? We got you! We promise to never limit our abilities. Let us be your companion for all of your Creative Promotional Services needs. 

Creative Promotional Services